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For the wishlist: Duracell Powermat Via Acumor

Powermat Wireless Charging
Powermat Wireless Charging

Most smart phone owners can’t stand charging their devices. And why is that? You need to manage power cords that unavoidably get lose or wind up tangled in a jumble in your desk drawer.

Maybe it’s time for you to cut the cord and go wireless: You could with the Duracell Powermat 24-Hour Power System.

Portable power

CNET just gave the Powermat 24-Hour Power System a positive review. This isn’t surprising. The product allows users to charge two iPhone or Galaxy Samsung smart phones at the same time for up to 24 hours. It also comes with its very own portable back-up battery.

How it works

To work the system, you need to affix a specially designed case either around your iPhone or Samsung Galaxy smart phone. Once it’s in place, you can utilize the system’s Powermat to wirelessly charge your phone. The phone, when completely charged, should have adequate juice to run for 24 straight hours.

A sound investment?

The system also provides a portable backup battery. You’ll be able to charge the battery by using a wireless or wired Micro-USB connection. With this feature, you can stay powered throughout the day.


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