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Is This The Worlds Most Expensive Lightbulb?

Most Expensive LED Bulb is Beautiful
Most Expensive LED Bulb is Beautiful

Nicolas Roope and his engineering team at startup Plumen have crafted a brilliant bulb. The “003” has a warm-white (2400K) color temperature, uses 6.5 Watts (equivalent to a 50W incandescent bulb) and is rated for 10,000 hours. The price is a mere $200 each. This makes it the most expensive LED bulb we’ve come across.

The “003” is a work of art, which is good since it is priced higher than what many people have framed on their walls.The multiple facets, which are dimpled to reflect light a different angles and give the appearance of localized shadows, are unigue to the Plumen design. Pairing these with 3 concentric shades bounces the light from the enclosed LEDs to give a glow reminiscent of early Edison bulbs.

The overall design makes it possible to use a crystal clear glass enclosure, for a dramatic and elegant silhouette.

The 003 Dimmable LED pendant is the Tesla of Illumination – Nicolos Roope, Cofounder Plumen

However, if $200 a bulb is outside your budget, and you’d like to get some high quality LED bulbs to light your house, here are some of our favorites.

60 Watt Equivalent (9.5W), Soft White (2700K), Pack of 8 (about $3 per bulb)

60 Watt Equivalent (9W), Soft White (3000K),Pack of 6 (about $2 per bulb)

100 Watt Equivalent (11W), Daylight (5000K), Pack of 6 (about $3 per bulb)

100 Watt Equivalent, (12W), Cool White (6500K), Pack of 6 (about $3 per bulb)

See here for more information on the pricing.

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