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You Got Your iPad. What Apps Should You Download? Via Acumor

Best iPad Apps
Best iPad Apps

You’ve finally broke down and purchased your own iPad, but now you’re wondering which apps to download.

After all, an iPad’s much more fun once you load it with entertainment, productivity, and communication apps.



Here are some must-have apps for your iPad:

Notability: Your iPad is like a miniature computer. Because of this, you’ll often want to use it to jot down notes while you’re on the go.

That’s where Notability comes in. CNET calls Notability the best note-taking application it’s seen. And it’s easy to understand why. Notability lets users use their onscreen or plug-in keyboards to keep track of information by grouping your notes into subject categories. This makes it easier to find your notes when you need them.

Pages: Need to produce high-quality documents while you’re out and about? It’s time to turn to Pages. This app lets you create documents complete with images, tables, and graphs, all using your iPad’s touchscreen keyboard. You can also access a host of common templates, everything from standard letters to resume layouts to reports. Fans of this app say that Pages really does feel like a standard desktop word-processing program.

Hootsuite: This free app is essential for iPad users who spend lots of time with social media. The app lets you create social network streams and then view them in an easy-to-read interface. You can also use Hootsuite to send messages to several networks at the same time.

Dragon Dictation: This nifty app lets you dictate messages simply by speaking into your iPad’s microphone. The amazing thing? Dragon Dictation produces messages that are usually accurate. You can then send these messages to others through e-mail, Facebook, or Twitter.

Spotify: You want to have a bit of fun with your iPad, too, right? What’s better than listening to your favorite music while you’re working or surfing the Internet? Spotify lets you do this. And, best of all, it’s extremely simple to transfer your songs to iPad using Spotify. This isn’t the case with iTunes.

Netflix: One of the selling points of the iPad is that you can watch movies and TV shows on it. And no service is better for this than is Netflix. Yes, you’ll have to pay a monthly subscription fee, but once you do, you’ll have access to thousands of movies and TV shows on your iPad. The only problem? It can take a while for some of the better new releases to hit Netflix’s streaming service.


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